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The Wonderland Of Nature In Our Backyard

3 August, 2011

Our nature studies at the moment are based on reading The Wonderland Of Nature by Nuri Mass. It is a book written in Australia for Australian children, rather than the Northern Hemisphere.
Each day we read about a new creature, mostly insects, that we might find in our backyard (at the right time of year anyhow) . The first few creatures we read about included the praying mantis (too cold yet) and termites (which I never hope to find in our yard) so our studies were confined to pictures in books.
Next was the aphid.
We have never been so excited to discover a pest in our garden. We found two different types of aphids, despite it technically being too early in the year for them. We caught some and examined them under the microscope.
It was definitey exciting to discover, first-hand, the creatures we had been reading about.

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