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Our Inaugural Fortnightly Excursion Part Two

2 August, 2011

Doing just one thing on a trip to the city is just never enough. Neither is just travelling by train. So next was a bus trip which ended with a certain small child leaving her backpack on the bus and a mad dash to get it back before we were holding up the traffic.
Then there was the walk up, up, up Observatory Hill. We had a little poke around the Observatory to familiarise ourselves with it, as we hope to visit it a few times while studying astronomy.
Then because it is apparently not a real trip to the city without a ferry ride, we made the trek back down the hill, to Circular Quay. We made the ferry in time and had a lively dicussion about what we would do if the ferry began to sink.
We discovered after getting off the ferry that our journey to the station would be over 1km. Uphill. Two tired children walking. One child sitting in the pram. One on my back in the Ergo, our baby carrier of choice. It was hard work. I admit to losing patience when a certain child decided he was sick of walking by his own steam and would grab onto the legs of the toddler on my back, expecting me to pull him up the hill.
We eventually made it to the station and the train where Daddy was waiting for us, ready to be told all about the day’s adventures.
Yes it was exhausting. Yes we are crazy enough to be heading out again, in a fortnight’s time.

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