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The Scale Of The Solar System

27 July, 2011

We commenced our Astronomical studies with an overview of the solar system. We’ve made a poster of the solar system and are working in a 3D model – although its not at all to a proper scale and is more for fun.
We have all been quite blown away by the size. On our poster, the scale for the planet sizes is 1mm = 500m. If the sun were represented at full size, rather than a sliver, it would be 2.6 metres across. The scale for the distances is 10cm = 1 AU or astronomical unit which is the distance of the Earth from the sun – roughly 150 million kilometres. This places earth at 10 cm from the sun and Pluto at 4 metres from the sun. However if the distances were in the same scale as the planet sizes, our poster would be 12km long!
Next week we will start learning about the sun.

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  1. rachael permalink
    27 July, 2011 8:47 am

    You don’t have to do Pluto any more, it isn’t a real planet anymore ūüėČ

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