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Parnell Term 2&3 Wrap Up

24 July, 2011

We don’t stick with regular school terms. We will have six terms this year and have just begun our term four. But more about this term later.

We learned Psalm 34:11-14 then the books of the Old Testament followed in Term 3 by the books of the New Testament. We learned Holy, Holy, Holy quite well but didn’t learn May the Mind as well as we did the hymn. We finished reading our Bible story book and at the end of term three began (re)reading Leading Little To God. We are slowly working through the Psalms still.
In English we finished off The Borrowers and are hoping to watch The Borrowers movie shortly. In term three Zoe and Reuben listened to audio books – Reuben to Jonathon Park and Zoe to Heidi. Term three was only three weeks long so was fairly laid back. I also gave Zoe some more freedom with her writing, getting her to practice handwriting three dayd a week and do some creative writing two days a week. She likes to write letters.
Reuben completed Teach Your Child To Read and continued working through his handwriting book.
We never got around to reading The Odditoreum but we haven’t forgotten about it.
In Mathematics I have allowed Zoe and Reuben more freedom. They have an arithmetic book and a maths text book to work from each day but they may choose which page to do. We also had every second Friday with the maths lesson as a maths game.
Fast Food and No Play Make Jack a Fat Boy took longer than planned but we enjoyed reading the book. We have now completed our unit on food, fitness and health.
We also took part in some extra activities – we had a crazy day in the city involving the Powerhouse Museum, the Maritime Museum and a ferry trip. Reuben did a Stars and Planets workshop at the local library and both Zoe and Reuben participated in a week long holiday program at our church called Wow Week. We also visited friends in Leeton during our holidays between terms two and three.
That wraps up those terms although I’m certain I’ve forgotten plenty!
Shortly I’ll outline our plans for term four.

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  1. Liz permalink
    26 July, 2011 6:46 am

    Also, I forgot to add, we did an age-appropriate unit on sex education with the older two while the younger two were in bed. It was heavily focused on the marriage/relationships side of things rather than the biological/mechanical side of things.

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