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13 May, 2011

Anyone who knows us well knows we don’t watch much TV: we’ve never bought a TV, gone without a TV for extended periods and rarely watch anything on commercial networks on the occasion the TV is turned on.

Recently, however, we’ve become somewhat addicted to the TV series Bones. Yes, with series seven currently in production, we are latecomers to the show. We’ve hired the first season from our local library and have been watching it most nights since. 4 DVDs down, 6 to go.

What it is about Bones that has earn our admiration? I’m not completely certain but I do have a few thoughts. The characters in Bones (especially the male and female leads) are very strong. The story lines are strong, even in the genre of crime show which seems like it has been done to death of late. The science (although I can’t be the judge of it’s veracity) is fascinating. I must admit, I also relate to the protagonist, Dr Temperance Brennan, and her lack of people skills. The dark humour is also a bonus.

Maybe we just don’t give enough TV shows a chance, but I do think Bones is better than most. Just my opinion. ūüėČ

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  1. Alison Gerber permalink
    13 August, 2011 4:07 am

    Watch out Liz, sadly it gets more “soapy” as time goes on. Still, the entrance of new character Lance the psychologist I thoroughly enjoy as it gives me plenty of “ammo” when making fun of Jono’s profession.

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