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20 Books in 2011 Update

2 May, 2011

Recently I’ve read The Marriage Builder (which I wouldn’t recommend), Adam and his Kin (which I haven’t yet decided if I like the premise, although I enjoyed the book) and The King’s Speech (based on the diaries of Lionel Logue, and not an adapted screenplay of the movie). I really enjoyed The King’s Speech- both the movie and the book – and managed to read the entire book in one day, sneaking in a few pages here and there and spending rest time and half the evening reading it.

I’ve also read a rather old book called “How To Live On 24 Hours A Day”, which gives a fascinating insight into British life in the early 1900’s, although that was not the intent. The book is available for free through Project Gutenberg and the like.

Most recently, I’ve re-read Hungry Planet, a book that interviews 30 families in 24 countries and photographs them with a week’s worth of food.  It’s in interesting read and makes me want simpler, less processed foods.  That takes me to 15 books read so far this year.

I have one more book waiting to be read, and one more Kindle book also and then I haven’t any plans for what I will read after that. Any suggestions? I tend to prefer non fiction or biographies over fiction. Thanks!

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