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Max on Life by Max Lucado

18 April, 2011

Max on Life is a collection of responses to questions asked by fans, readers, friends and acquaintances over the years. The questions are wide ranging and the answers usually fairly brief.

The questions are arranged in half a dozen chapters all starting with “H” which I think hinders rather than helps (just to throw in a few more H words). While some questions fit into the chapters, other questions really don’t seem to fit with the theme. It doesn’t really affect the readability although it can be off putting.

The short answers make it an easy book to read for a few minutes at a time and come back to later. It’s not really a book you’d want to sit and read for long periods.

I was quite satisfied with the theology throughout the book and the high view of the authority of the Bible. I would recommend the book to a new Christian, who has many questions about how the Christian life works.

I am reviewing this book as part of the BookSneeze blogger program. I received an electronic copy of the book for review purposes and in return I agreed to write this review and post it on 18th April. I am not obliged to write a positive review.

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