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Fast Food and No Play Make Jack a Fat Boy

19 March, 2011

I’ve read Fast Food and No Play Make Jack a Fat Boy by Andy Griffiths, Jim Thomson and Sophie Blackmore once before. I read it again this week as part of our family’s commitment to live a healthier lifestyle and in preparation to create a health and nutrition unit of study for us to follow in our formal schooling.

The book is part of a genre called faction. It’s part fiction, part fact.

The fiction part of the book is the story of Jack and his parents as they live out their ordinary life and then make gradual changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

The factual part consists of quotes from authorities and studies as well as discussing what it means. Most chapters also include “action points” to enable the reader to take the information they have learned and make it a part of their life.

It’s quite an easy read. It is also told from the perspective of a family, rather than an individual, trying to make changes, which is more relevant to us. It advocates making a few small changes at a time.

As I write our health unit I hope to share with you our plans and any worksheets I create to go with it.

This is also book eight of the twenty I am trying to read this year.

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