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Making a house, a home – the hall and entry

17 March, 2011

When we moved in, the hall was beige with tan textured paint over the top. At the end of the hall (which is an L shape) there was a maroon textured feature wall. At the corner of the hall (directly opposite the front door) was an alcove that was also painted with maroon textured paint.

Since moving in, that alcove has taken on several different purposes. It currently has a book case and a low cabinet with spaces for plastic trays (not that we have any plastic trays in there) which stores odds and ends. This area is screened off by a curtain.

We have also personalised it by putting up our own photos. However, there are some things that tell you a little about us. When you first walk in the front door, there is an enlarged marriage certificate we had all the people present at our wedding sign for us. It is surrounded by photos and keepsakes from our wedding and honeymoon.

Also, we have commemorative birth certificates for each of our children in frames, around the corner of the L.

In other frames we have a map of Australia, a multi-picture frame that displays three small images from children’s picture books (bought second hand) and a Ken Duncan photograph my Nana bought for me for my 21st birthday. We also have two photos taken in the Blue Mountains (close to us) by a good friend, Joshua Stanley.

We also recently painted the hall in a peaceful, pale green called “Gentle Calm”.

On a practical level, we have a long hall runner to minimize the dirt tracked throughout our home. I try to keep the front part of the hall – the shorter part of the L that leads from the front door – relatively clean and tidy, although it doesn’t always happen. The longer part of the L which has the doors to the bedrooms and bathroom on it usually has dirty clothes strewn about, waiting to go to the laundry. I clear this each morning but by the evening, it is back again. One of the facts of life that comes with a large-ish family and young children.

So there’s a little bit about how we have made another “room” our own.

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