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Crunch Time by Michelle Bridges

16 March, 2011

A few months ago I read a review on a home schooling forum about Crunch Time by Michelle Bridges. Michelle Bridges is a personal trainer and works on The Biggest Loser TV series. I finally got to the top of the reserve list at the library for this book and picked it up on Saturday.

I really found the “Get Real” section helpful – where you work out why you’re fat and the emotional reasons behind it and set goals and take measurements, all that sort of stuff.

The next section is “Get Moving” I am all for having to exercise – not “you hardly know you’re exercising” type stuff. But the level that she says everyone should work out at is overwhelming. She recommends an hour a day of exercise until you almost vomit, four to five days a week, with another day or two of lighter exercise.

The final section “Get Cooking” is also a bit overwhelming. Actually I was doing ok with the food side of things until I realised how few calories she recommended to eat. Her recommendation is lower than most reputable organisations recommend and personally unfeasible.

I spoke to my Dr and while she agrees that weight loss is a priority for me, she wants me to take a gentler approach and not overdo it.

I did find this book helpful at first, but I feel like the expectations outlined in the book are inrealistic for most and will probably turn a lot of people off or overwhelm them to inaction.

I did find the book helpful, and beneficial. If I focus on a few changes I can make then I have the confidence that I can do this. If I focus on all the high expectations in the book, then I feel overwhelmed and miserable. Just my 2c.

This book is one of my 20 books to read in 2011. It is the seventh I have read so far.

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  1. 4 April, 2011 8:19 am

    I agree about this book. I got it for free as a ‘reward’ from a book party I had and at first found it very enlightening with a no nonsense approach to how I got this way, getting my head in the right place to make change and then getting started. But the daily exercise plans and calorie counting stuff was just way over the top. I am not on the biggest loser with hours each day to focus on my wieght loss, I am a busy mum and have to find a realistic and achievable way to move forward or it just wont happen. I think if Michelle bridges had 3 kids and home schooled she might find that her plans aren’t as realistic as she thinks!

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