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Learning in the Parnell Home School

15 March, 2011

I thought I would give an update on learning in the Parnell Homeschool at the moment.

Mark has finished uni and has received his Degree. It is in a frame and waiting to be hung on the wall. He is currently studying the first subject of the Preliminary Theological Certificate (PTC), through Moore College along with a group at Church. The subject is called Introduction to the Bible.

I (Liz) am still attending Spanish classes and although I’m not picking up many new words I am very slowly improving my grammar. I am also studying for the PTC, alongside Mark (as well as my sister, my brother-in-law and his wife).

In our school time we have recently studied the Boy-Bear series of books I’ve posted about recently. We are now reading a book called The Hundred Dresses. If all goes well we should finish it this week – it is only 7 chapters long. We are also reading Grammarland, a story which teaches grammar, at about one chapter a fortnight.

We have recently finished the first part of our study on food. We learnt about food groups, categorised food into a Venn Diagram, learnt about how seeds grow, parts of a plant and parts of a flower, the different parts of a plant we eat, seasonality and a pile of other things. Later in the year, we will look at food a little more when we learn about healthy living. We have just begun a short study of geography, focusing on map skills rather than specific places.

In Maths we have been focusing on improving basic skills. We have worked on addition and subtraction and have begun multiplication, just the 2x tables at this stage. We have also played lots of different games.

We have also been reading through the Psalms, and are up to Psalm 33 at the moment. We also read a Bible story book, and we are working our way through the New Testament at the moment.

In Spanish we learnt a lot of food related words and we are now learning some verbs and their basic conjugations. We have posted some videos on YouTube of us demonstrating and saying our Spanish verbs.

We’ve also been learning some songs. We started with “Christ Alone”, a song by Emu Music that we sing in Church. We are now learning Amazing Grace.

This is just a snapshot of some of the work we have been doing in our formal school time. In our more informal learning we have explored electrical circuits and magnets with some Christmas presents we received. We’ve started reading a version of Gulliver’s travels – still the same story but with the language updated a little. We have read the first two travels so far. We have also been enjoying watching the SBS show Letters and Numbers, and playing our own version of it. It has been helping with spelling and with arithmetic – even though we have only done 2x tables, we already have children who can multiply by 25, 50 and 100 with relative ease.

It would be impossible to outline everything we have learned, studied or talked about over the last few months, but this is just an outline.

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