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God’s Wisdom for Mothers compiled by Jack Countryman

10 March, 2011

God’s Wisdom for Mothers is exactly what is says. It is not a few Bible verses scattered through a book full of man’s wisdom, but a topically arranged compilation of Bible verses (taken from the NKJV) of special interest to mothers.

While I am reviewing an electronic book, I think a hardback copy of the book would be ideal to give to a new mother, or any mother needing encouragement. I found the book to be encouraging and uplifting.

One word of caution, however. One must keep in mind, when reading a book such as this, that the Bible verses have been removed from their contexts. In some instances, the meaning of the verse as communicated in the book misrepresents the meaning of the verse in its immediate Scriptural context. It would be unwise to utilise this book as one’s only source of Bible reading. This is not the purpose of the book, however I could easily imagine a time-pressed mother allowing it to become a replacement for personal Bible reading.

The book is well suited to a time pressed mother, although in a different sense. In those moments when time is scarce and a mother is discouraged, God’s Wisdom for Mothers is a handy resource to refer to, to take a sip of the Word of God, to gain refreshment until a more substantial “drink” could be had. I would be happy to give this book to a new mother, as aren’t all new mothers short on time and needing refreshment?

I was given a complimentary copy of God’s Wisdom for Mothers as a part of the BookSneeze blogger program. In exchange, I am asked to write an honest review of the title.


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