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Making a House into a Home – Room #1

1 March, 2011

Inspired by my good friend Al I am going to start a series of posts about making a house, a home.  Or, more to the point, making a house YOUR home.

For this I am going to start with the most important room in the house.

The toilet room.

Now, maybe it doesn’t seem like the most important room to you, but it’s hard to live in a house with that room out of action.  It’s hard to feel comfortable in a home where you can’t even perform this most basic of functions in a clean, safe, private environment.

It was also the first room we “renovated” in our “new” house – that we’ve been in almost two years.

The toilet room has two sliding doors.  One opens into the master bedroom, the other into the bathroom.  When we moved in, both doors (and all but one wall) were painted cream with a tan coloured textured paint applied over the top.  Textured paint is near impossible to clean marks off.  You either don’t clean the grime off or you take the paint off too, especially when it is applied so thinly.  If you have children, you can probably imagine what the doors looked like after 12-18 months of children’s wet and dirty hands opening and closing the door using every reachable part of the door.  Except for the handle.  For hygiene purposes, the textured paint had to go.

Now, I mentioned that three of the four walls were cream/tan texture.  The fourth was chocolate brown.  It was the wall that was looked at most, as it was the wall on which the vanity and mirror were fixed.

Deciding to give the room a complete revamp, we went bold.

The once brown wall is now turquoise.  (Shampoo I think the colour is called).

The once textured walls now have flat white paint on them, as do the doors.

We also put up some curtains which are in blue and green tones, and pick up the colour of the turquoise wall in highlights.

The room feels much more cosy now.  It looks cleaner!  It looks friendly, with the softness of the fabric, rather than feeling like we are borrowing someone else’s house.Not sure why this picture is so weird looking but it does show the white/turquoise.

This is a life-size scan of my curtain fabric. 🙂

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  1. 1 March, 2011 10:32 am

    Yep, the “little house” is also the first room we tackled in our home. It was TERRIBLE! After a couple of days we’d transformed it into a clean, comfortable, private space nice enough to use.

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