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Gospel and Kingdom by Graeme Goldsworthy

28 February, 2011

Gospel and Kingdom is one of the books I need to read for the course I am currently studying – Introduction to the Bible (as part of the Preliminary Theological Certificate at Moore College).  I did enjoy reading it and had been meaning to for years – we’ve had it for probably twelve years now, I think.  It is the fourth book I’ve read as part of my challenge to read 20 books this year.

Gospel and Kingdom begins with a preacher about to give a children’s talk and frustrated with the way he is going to present the Old Testament narrative.  Surely the story is more important than a simple moral lesson?

Goldsworthy then brings forward the proposition that we should read, and value, the Old Testament.  The book provides ample evidence of the message of the Gospel throughout the Old Testament, as well as plenty of other compelling reasons to not ignore the larger portion of the Bible.

One thing I found particularly encouraging and challenging in the book:

It is not only possible but even necessary for all Christians, including children, to gain a total perspective on the whole Bible so that the really important relationships between its parts begin to appear.

Gospel and Kingdom, as part of The Goldsworthy Trilogy, 2001, p21, empahsis mine.

What a great challenge and privilege!  The best resource Mark and I have found that gives children the perspective of how the parts of the Bible fit together as part of God’s plan is The Big Picture Story Bible. It covers the whole of the Bible, but in a very different way to the traditional Bible story book.  Rather than tell each little story in its own little package, it tells of God’s unfolding plan and mentions stories as they fit in.  We usually read the book in the lead up to Christmas, timed to get to Christ’s birth on Christmas Day, and finishing the last chapters after Christmas.  It is well worth getting and is much cheaper in its second edition (which now has an audio CD also!).

Back to Gospel and Kingdom.  I think it is worth reading for any Christian who wants to understand the Bible better.  Which really should be all of us. 😉


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