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25 January, 2011

The cool breeze of a fan on a warm day.
A house so quiet all I can hear is cicadas, birds chirping, a tap dripping, distant dogs barking, the hum of the fan.
Health, such an exceedingly precious commodity, only truly valued by those who lack it.
A good book to read.
A faithful, hard-working husband.
Running water.
A comfy bed.
A toddler’s first two-word sentence.
Chicken and stuffing in a salad with a generous helping of sweet red capsicum.
Homemade hommous.
Homemade anything!
Ripe, soft avocados.
Electronic connections that span the wide oceans between friends.
Salt-spray and sand.
Brown hair with just a hint of grey.
A seven year old ballerina.
Roses in full bloom.
The Bible, always accessible.

Thank You.

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  1. 12 February, 2013 8:27 am

    Your personal article, “Gratitude We Learn 4 Fun” was definitely worth commenting on!

    Basically wanted to point out you actually did a very good work.
    Thanks for the post ,Hassan

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