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WeLearn4Fun Still take (School) Holidays

15 January, 2011

I’m always keen to reach outside our home and our circle of relationships to have the valuable input of others.  There is so much that I don’t know about, but thankfully, I am not the only teacher our children have.  There are a lot of resources available, especially during school holidays.

Our next expedition was to the Cumberland State Forest to take part in one of their school holiday workshops.  This workshop was aimed for a younger age group than most school holiday activities – 3 to 6yo – so it was perfect for our children.  The drive out to the Cumberland State Forest was less than ideal, but we wont talk about that.

Once we finally arrived at the Forest, just in time for the workshop to start, we were taken to a little sheltered area where the ranger (is that the right word)) talked to the group about what we use trees and wood for.  The children were then given wooden boats to make sails for and decorate.

Once the boats were decorated, they were left to dry while we took a walk through the forest to  a large pond where turtles and other critters live. 

The walk was pleasant enough except that I was bitten by a giant ant.  Something like this one, as far as I can tell.

This fuzzy photo is not the ant that bit me but another ant I saw later, of the same type.  My camera is very basic and it’s hard to get a clear picture of something so small.

After the workshop was over and the boats stowed safely in the car, we found a nice picnic table in the shade to have our lunch.  We were visited by what seemed to be a baby blue tongue lizard and some red beetle larvae.  After our lovely lunch in the shade, we explored the visitors centre, which included take-home colouring and activity books and touch-and -feel exhibits, as well as plenty of written information for those old enough to read.

We took a walk down the Sensory Trail where fifteen signs along the 350m loop encouraged us to experience the bushland through four of the five senses (we weren’t encouraged to taste anything!).  While we did learn a little about the flora and fauna most of the time our children were racing from one sign to the next, rather than enjoying the bush surrounds.

We enjoyed our time at the Cumberland State Forest although I daresay due to the distance it is situated from our home, and the horrendous traffic in the area, we probably wont be going there on any sort of regular basis.

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