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WeLearn4Fun Receives Christmas Presents

11 January, 2011

The how and why we celebrate Christmas is a topic for another post.  However, in the spirit of our learning-for-fun journey, members of our family received many “learning” gifts.  The biggest of these was the Electronic Brain Box, however we also received an “Anti-Gravity Kit” containing three gravity-defying objects, a Mini-Magnet Kit containing several different types of magnets and metallic objects (the picture is Mark explaining magnetic poles to Reuben), a book called Correct Your Spanish Blunders (for me) and a pile of other books for our “Parnell Homeschool” including “The ABC Book of Australian Children’s Illustrators”, DK Children’s Cookbook, The Squire and the Scroll and others.

Stockings were stuffed, although not with what would normally be found in a stocking… our children were excited to discover (amongst other things) their own PURPLE glue stick and packet of “school” (lead) pencils.

Even though we’re taking a break from formal schooling, the learning never stops.  It spills over into every day life until we realise that we live a lifestyle of learning (says the person who has been to the library twice in as many days…)

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