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Pride and Prejudice… And Zombies

9 January, 2011

Imagine Elizabethan England. Manors and balls. Finery and gowns. Romance and misunderstandings. Then add a fearsome plague and the scourge of zombies.

The world of Pride and Prejudice is invaded by a strange plague lasting over half a century causing zombies to roam the countryside. London is barricaded and quarantined. The Bennet sisters are trained in the deadly arts in order to protect their family and community.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a great read. I’m not going to pretend that the additions are going to prove to be of great literary merit that is cherished for centuries to come. However, this rewrite is every bit as engaging as the original book. The “unmentionables” – as they are often called – are integrated into the story line cleverly. They add tension and drama to the storyline and add a wider appeal. If this book can somehow attract readers to Austen’s original writings then we are the better for it.

I really enjoyed this book and read it in only a fee days, squeezing in the quick reading of a chapter here and there. I would thoroughly recommend it to both a seasoned Austen fan and one who has never read Jane Austen’s writings before.

This is the first book I’ve read in 2011. I am aiming to read 20 books in 2011 and am hoping to review them all here.

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