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We really do learn for fun

14 December, 2010

I really enjoy home educating our children but every now and again, something happens that makes me appreciate it more.

The formal, official part of our home schooling for 2010 is over, but the learning never ends. Take this morning, for example. I have recently been printing off some very basic versions of Christmas carols for the piano. In the process of playing them to ensure they sounded right I realised that the notes required to play some of them were beyond the single octave I had labelled with the notes, so I had to label another 3-4.

Later, when Zoe was playing the piano, she said “Look! This is G.” She was right. And it wasn’t marked. All of a sudden, the notes on the piano made more sense to her as she recognised the pattern (which wasnt as obvious when our piano was only marked from C to C).

I love to see the light go on in their heads as they learn something new. It is even more serendipitous when it is something they have learnt of their own accord, without any prompting from anyone else.

We are taking a few weeks off formal education and will be back sometime in the new year (mid to late January). I am looking forward to a break but also keen to begin on the new things we have planned for 2011.

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