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Our Plans for 2011

8 November, 2010

Since I am a fairly organised person (and we’re soon due for re-registration for Home Education for Zoe and first-time registration for Reuben) we have started making some plans for our home schooling in 2011.  We have such a wealth of resources here already that we really don’t need to purchase much at all.

Bible: We will start the year by reading the stories of The New Testament in The Bible for Children.  We’re also planning to read Missionary Stories With The Millers (short stories about missionaries from around the world).  We will re-read Leading Little Ones to God and fill in any remaining days with seasonal stories (Easter, Christmas etc).  We are hoping to recreate a Biblical feast or two during the year.  We’re going to continue learning memory verses and the Catechism For Young Children.  We’re planning to learn some traditional hymns and some praise songs we sing in church.  We will also continue our newly-formed habit of reading the Bible as a family at breakfast time.  Zoe will also begin on her own Bible reading plan.

English: We will be reading and studying several chapter books.    This will include Farmer Boy,  The Chocolate Touch, The Borrowers, The Hundred Dresses, and The Paddington series, but is bound to include more.  We’re also planning to read a book called Grammarland, which is a nineteeth century story which of a court case in which the participants determine which words form each part of the grammatical structure of English (nouns, articles, verbs etc).   We will also be completing some writing each day, covering copywork, dictation, handwriting and, on occasions, creative writing.  Zoe will complete some spelling work, focusing on newly-learnt words and words she has misspelt in her work. We are also working through a series of readers called the McGuffey Readers. These were published in the 1800s in America and have proved useful so far.

Maths: We will continue using Ray’s Arithmetic and progress to multiplication and division.  We will read some number stories (I’ve found a few compliations online) and practice lots of real life maths and play plenty of maths games.  Where needed, we will supplement with printed worksheets.

Spanish: We are going to create our own Spanish language picture dictionaries, which will be an ongoing project.  We will focus on words which are meaningful to our every day lives.

For Science, HSIE, Art and PDHPE we will be completing unit studies on food, animals (particularly those in our local environment), sex education, geography and map skills, Australian history and pursuing an individual interest.  The food study will be quite long and will cover nutrition, percentages (through investigating nutrition panels and nutritional claims), food safety and hygiene, food preparation, kitchen chemistry, growing foods, plants and the parts of plants, manufacturing foods, processing foods, farming, food from colonial Australia, food from colonial America, food from other cultures, the food chain, food in art, people who prepare food, celebrations and a myriad of other related topics.

These are our plans, God willing, but we know that life never works according to our plans, however well-intentioned.

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  1. Kathy Coard permalink
    8 November, 2010 1:02 pm

    Liz, I just discovered a website called Homeschool Launch, where people share files. One mum has produced worksheets and a game for Grammarland. We plan to use those for next year as there is so much in the book we could easily go through again.

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