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2010 so far – June to November 2010

6 November, 2010

To see what we’d done in the year to May 2010 see this post.

It seems so long ago to think back to June 2010 but…

English: In June we learnt about Hans Christian Andersen and read (and watched) different retellings of his fairy tales.  We’ve also read a book called “Chocolate Fever”, Lost!, and Little House in the Big Woods.  This week we have begun a study of Beatrix Potter, starting with The Tale of Peter Rabbit and a picture book called “My Dear Noel” which is the true story of how Beatrix Potter’s books were written.  We have also played a lot of language and listening games and read many, many shorter books as well.  In September we went to the State Library for storytime.

Maths: We have been predominantly using an arithmetic program from the 1800s for mathematics, called Ray’s Arithmetic.  We have completed the sections on number, addition and subtraction.  We’ve also done some measurement topics alongside and following the Commonwealth Games and will do some geometry next week.

Science: We’re in the middle of a unit of work called “In The Toybox” in which we have learnt about the toys of times past (overlapping with HSIE) and talking about what they were made from and how.  We’ve designed and made our own toys and are in the middle of developing an advertising campaign for them.

HSIE: Going all the way back to May, we finished our Australian Book Traveller studies.  We completed a four week study of Mexico in preparation for our Fiesta birthday party and helped prepare for an Asian-Inspired wedding.  We’ve learnt about Australian and American colonial history through our toy studies and reading Lost! and Little House in the Big Woods.

PDHPE: A few months back we did a study on Road Safety (of which there are several blog posts).  Zoe and Reuben have joined up with a new In2Cricket club this year and are enjoying it.

Arts: The arts has been a little neglected this year, after a big focus last year.  However, we now have a piano in the house, which has involved all sorts of musical experiences.  We’ve also been to an exhibition of the illustrations from Mirror and been to the Sydney Children’s Festival.

Spanish: Our Spanish studies have been on the back burner for the second half of the year, although we will often converse casually about different Spanish words.

Bible: We finished working through the Old Testament in our Bible story book and have been working on an intensive study of Proverbs for a few months now.  We should finish up our study of Proverbs in time for the end of our academic year. We’re also still working through Big Truths for Young Hearts but should finish that by the end of the year, or early 2011.

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  1. Kathy Coard permalink
    6 November, 2010 10:39 am

    The movie about Beatrix Potter is great, Alice enoyed it. There is some animation in it as it shows how she imagines her stories. Homeschoolshare have free Peter Rabbit unit studies, which we used last year.

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