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If I had $100 (Part Two)

5 November, 2010

I’m back to reality now.  Let’s say I have just $100 for all my home schooling expenses next year.  I have a library card, and a printer, and pencils and a Bible and an assortment of other educational books and materials.  But for next year’s schooling I have $100 to spend.  What would I buy?

In all honesty, if I only had $100 for our children’s educational expenses next year, I would save that money and use it for outings.  For train tickets to the city to visit the Art Gallery, the State Library and other free attractions.  For a train ticket to go to the Sydney Children’s Festival in 2011.  For petrol to drive to the national park to go bush walking or to some local pick-your-own farms to pick fresh produce.

In our home, and in most homes of home-educating families we have so many resources already.  We have a well-stocked public library, even if it doesn’t have all the titles I’d like.  We have an internet connection and access to a huge range of public domain books in print and audio form.  We have encyclopedias, educational programs on TV and dictionaries.  We have a Bible – we have more than ten Bibles in the house, for a family of only six.  If I had no money for resources even for two years I think we could get by, although I’d need to stock up on a few stationery items like pencils, printer paper and the like.


What would you buy for 2011 if you only had $100?

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