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If I had $100… (Part One)

4 November, 2010

If I imagine I am way back at the start of my children’s education, at a school level anyway. I’m pretending I have very little – basically nothing – in the way of resources specific to education, just the normal contents of a home. If I only had $100 to buy the supplies I need for a year, or more. What would I buy with that $100?

If I was starting out again and had $100 I would buy:
A Bible
Blank Exercise Books
Lead Pencils, sharpener, eraser
A set of coloured pencils
A Library card
An internet connection
A packet of chalk
A deck of cards
Some dice
A ruler or measuring tape
Paper for the printer
Printer ink cartridges

Assuming that the above list didn’t cost the full $100 (ie it was budgeted for elsewhere or we already had those things, they were free, etc) I’d then spend the rest of it on books that would help me, such as…
The Three R’s by Ruth Beechick
When You Rise Up by R C Sproul
For The Children’s Sake by S S MacCauley


What would you buy?

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