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Here Come The Clowns

16 October, 2010

Once we’d met up with my family at Carriageworks, we began to investigate the different activites further.  The first thing we went to was the Circus Drop Zone run by Circus Monoxide.

This was definitely the major attraction for our children. There were all sorts of different circus activities to try and no shortage of different equipment, as long as you didn’t have your heart set on one specific thing.

There were scarves and balls and frisbee-looking-things and things-that-look-like-bowling-pins (that I can’t remember the name of) to juggle with.

There were plate-like things and sticks so you could balance and spin plates on the ends of sticks. There were parachutes and skipping ropes.

There were long batons to twirl and shorter batons that you did tricks with using two shorter sticks.

There were puffy things on strings to swing around. There were hula hoops and mats to do tumbling tricks on. There were unicycles and these funny pedal-type things you stood on.

It was the one thing we went back to and would have been the activity we spent the most time at.  Even the adults participated and had a great time.


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