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Little Day Out, Take Two

15 October, 2010

As if one big trip into the city wasn’t enough, we were crazy enough to make another trip into the city the following week.  While we were visiting the library and museum, our good friends, the Slaven’s, were also travelling into the city.  They had heard about the Sydney Children’s Festival and had gone to investigate.  After hearing their report of it, I thought we’d try to make it there too.

Nana, Mum, my sister and her daughter came too – although we caught the train all the way from Penrith while our car got fixed and the others  caught the train from Strathfield. The long train trip was quite enjoyable.  We were travelling early in the morning, but late enough that we had missed most of the busyness of employees travelling into the city.  We looked out the windows, ate morning tea, and read our latest chapter book – Little House in the Big Woods.

We caught the train to Redfern and walked about ten minutes to Carriageworks. On the way there we passed “Skippy Girls”. They were painted about ten years ago by a local artist. They have been vandalised many times but have been lovingly repainted by local residents. My children’s favourite was the one boy – who is skipping with a girl with a long rope, held by other girls (currently the first image in the gallery on the website). Then we got to the Festival itself.

In the foyer there was an Art Space. At the start of the morning it was mostly a communal colouring sheet with textas, pencils, crayons and the like to decorate the image in any way you saw fit. Later in the day there were other art materials to make collages, including boxes and cartons and all manner of things too large to take home on the train ;-).  We made our contribution to the colouring sheet while we waited for our family to arrive and then the real fun began.

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