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14 October, 2010

Once we’d had our lunch and rest in the park we headed to our next port of call – the Museum of Sydney.  Now, until our previous trip to the State Library in March, I had no idea this museum even existed.  It’s been hidden in the middle of the city for quite some time and I had no idea.

However, it wasn’t just curiosity about this unknown museum that brought us to it’s doors that day.  Acclaimed Australian author and illustrator/artist Jeannie Baker has recently published a new book called Mirror.  The book is a wordless picture book depicting life in Sydney and life in Morocco.  Collage art from the book was on display at the museum and we were eager to see it.

I was blown away by the artwork.  I had anticipated the collages being much larger than they were and was amazed by the intricate detail portrayed in each scene.  The collages, in some cases, were smaller than the images in the book and even at that size I was amazed by the detail.

Every single one of us was impressed by the collages displayed.  In the same room there were some bench-lounges and Moroccan-inspired floor cushions with a copy of Mirror and copies of a few other books Jeannie Baker has published over the years.  It provided a nice quiet space to relax and some entertainment for the children as the adults lingered at the collages just a little longer.

I was so impressed by the exhibition, I went to the Museum shop, hoping to find a poster or a print, or even a postcard depicting one of the images from the book.  What I was pleasantly surprised to discover was an “Education Kit” with three pairs of images from the book, printed at approximately A3 size, with a guide for teachers printed on the back.  The Kit was relatively inexpensive and I purchased it for the art aspect of it, rather than the educational aspect.  I am planning to frame some of the images to display in our home.

The exhibition has closed in Sydney for the time being but the good news is it is touring Australia and will be back in Western Sydney in late 2012-early 2013.  I recommend that if you are able to view the exhibition, or future exhibits of Jeannie Baker’s work that you do so.  They are well worth it!

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  1. 14 October, 2010 3:05 pm

    I love Jeannie Baker’s work! We have four of her titles on our bookshelf. I will keep a look out for if the exhibition passes through here.


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