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…Just in time I will save the day, Take you to my castle far away

11 October, 2010

A few weeks ago we were invited to a Castle Building Extravaganza at the home of a local home educating family, along with the Slaven family.  We began the event by looking at pictures of many different styles of castles from a collection of books on Medieval history and the like. Inspired, our children then gathered around an enormous pile of reclaimed “junk” – boxes, tubes, containers and oddments of all different shapes and sizes that our hosts had obviously spent some time collecting.

Zoe and Reuben teamed up with a few other children to make a gargantuan castle.

The castle included food stores, turrets, a stable and a horse, a dungeon complete with dragon, windows, doors a drawbridge and a small village.

It was too big to take home but we brought home a portion – the dungeon and the stable with the dragon and horse Reuben made.

This is the stable with horse on the left and the dungeon with the dragon shut inside on the right.

Rhiannon made her own castle (with my help) and we made some little people to go in her castle. The castle includes a parlour (the sultana box at the top) for the queen to eat bread and honey in.  Her castle came home and is still standing.

Once completed, the castles were sprayed with silver spray paint for authenticity.


This is Zoe and Reuben (and friends’) castle in the background, spray painted, with Rhiannon’s in the foregrond, not yet painted.

Our children all had a great time playing together and eating lunch after the castles were built, and they begged to be allowed to play at that family’s house again very soon.

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  1. 11 October, 2010 11:34 am

    We all had a great time and our castles are still standing too, must be proof of great workmanship.

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