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I’m hot-hot-hot

27 September, 2010

Jogging has not been going well.

On Monday last week I had a muscle twinge-tearing feeling over my right shin. It wasn’t too bad and it didn’t happen until after I got back from my jog and was stretching. I thought it was maybe because I had walked on two non-jogging days in a row. Mark said I could invest in proper jogging/running shoes since I had proved I was going to stick with it.

So I went jogging on Wednesday. It was the first jog I didn’t complete. My joints- both ankles and both knees – were aching and the muscle over my shin (which I’m sure has a technical name) was feeling a light “tearing” numerous times.

So I tried having two rest days before jogging again and going back to week two. Saturday’s jog wasn’t much better. I thought that maybe the new shoes were causing some aches and pains so tonight I tried jogging in my old shoes.

I was right about the joint pain – it wasn’t an issue in my old shoes – but my shin pain was worse and began in the other leg also.

So, unfortunately, it seems like jogging is not the best exercise for me at the moment. I’m quite disappointed and frustrated at the moment as I was really enjoying it.

However, I’m not giving up on exercise and weight loss. Just temporarily detoured.

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  1. googerber permalink
    27 September, 2010 10:07 pm

    If joint pain is the problem my friend back in Sydney suggested to me bike riding or swimming? Also the machine at the gym that looks like skiing, I forget the name, these all have no impact on your legs but can strengthen your muscles for jogging later?
    Also maybe you should get someone to check your jogging form and also your stretches? This friend of mine (went to my old church) worked as a personal trainer and I was surprised how much even walking with my head looking forward changed!! I could send her your details? She might be able to help you one time?

    • 27 September, 2010 10:22 pm

      The bikes have just been unearthed from under the cubby panels so I had been thinking of that. If you want you could send your friend’s details. I also have a friend – now long distance – who is also a PT. My osteo thinks jogging is bad for your body – it seems to be for me.

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