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I’m puffing a lot

24 September, 2010

Jogging was going well. I say was. ūüė¶

I had progressed to the third week. Each increase was pushing me a little, but it wasn’t too difficult.

Then, on Monday, after completing the second jog of week three, I felt a twinge in the muscles of my right shin during some cool down stretches. A burning sensation and a gentle tearing feeling.

It wasn’t especially painful but I knew well enough to be gentle with that leg.

Mark and I also decided that it was about time I got myself some proper running shoes. So off I went to The Athlete’s Foot to try their fit print machine and get properly fitted for a pair of running shoes.

The following day I saw my osteopath to make sure I was all properly aligned. I discovered then that he doesn’t think jogging is a good activity for anyone as it causes hip, knee and ankle problems. Nice to find out the day after I buy expensive running shoes. He loosened out some tight leg muscles but said that otherwise everything looked fine. And he mentioned that I would likely first notice muscle problems in the fronts of my legs.

Wednesday I was feeling lethargic by mid-afternoon so organised someone to look after my children so I could go for a jog. I strapped on my new shoes and headed off. I don’t know whether it was the new shoes, the osteopathic adjustment or what, but my knees ached as I jogged. Not in a painful way but just an ache that had gone away over the past few weeks.

I got most of the way through my jog but halfway through the last jog I knew I needed to stop. The muscle in my shin was in too much pain. So I walked the rest of the way home and put some heat on it.

The couch to 5k program that podrunner is based on asks you to do three sessions a week, with a day in between. I’d been jogging every second day – not much more than suggested and still leaving myself a recovery day between each jog. So, even though today should be my jogging day, I’m not going to jog. ūüė¶

I’m going to have an extra day off and my plan is to go for a jog again tomorrow. I might even go back a week just to ease myself back into it. I’ll keep on week three for at least a few more sessions before I progress. I don’t want to cause more pain.

I’m really disappointed about not being able to jog today, more than I ever thought I’d be. And I’ll be really disappointed if I’m not able to keep jogging and have to give it up. However, I’m not going to let this stop me. If I can’t jog I will find something else I can do to get regular exercise and lose weight.

I’ve lost 1kg already, although I’d guess I’ve lost more fat than that since my muscle tone has improved. I really want to keep losing weight and be fit and healthy again.

Soon, I’ll write about the weights program I’ve started and about the other things I’m adding in to get exercise.

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