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Honing your craft

21 September, 2010

I’ve just started reading a book I obtained through BookSneeze called Angel Song. In the prelude the protagonist is seen honing her craft. She is a home stager and as she browses through an architectural magazine she sees a room design that she believes she can improve upon, so she draws a new design for the room. She explains to someone that she does this frequently as a way of improving her skills.

I am frequently guilty of learning a new skill, getting to a point where I am able to complete the task and then settle for that mediocrity, rather than put in the work to complete the task proficiently. Of course, I cannot be highly skilled at everything or even every task that I complete. However I can choose a few that are important to me and work on those.

To hone my writing skills I am going to challenge myself. Each day for a week I am going to try to find a picture or photo and write at least 100 words about it. Sometimes there will be more, some days I will write less. But I want to practice.

I may share some of it on this blog but most of it will be on paper.

After that week is up I will either extend the challenge for a longer period or find a way to hone another task.

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