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Home-schooling Accumulation (aka Stuff part three)

14 September, 2010

Home schooling tends to encourage clutter. There are always books or resources that you think look good. Second hand book stores, op shops and online classifieds are a treasure trove of learning potential. Then there is the resources you have used and enjoyed and think that perhaps you should keep for younger siblings who are not yet old enough to use the resource.

I am learning slowly that there is probably little point in accruing resources beyond what you believe you can reasonably use in the next twelve months, certainly at the start of your home schooling journey. The truth is that it will take a while to find a teaching and learning style that suits your family. And once you’ve found it, the needs of your family change and so you need to try something different. An English resource you enjoyed using with your first child may not suit your second, or may become impractical once a new baby is added to the family.  A brilliant maths curriculum may become to expensive to continue once you have three different children of different levels to purchase material for.

There are so many good and worthwhile resources out there.  But good is not necessarily best.  What’s good for one family is not necessarily best for yours.  What works for your family, or even a resource you find you could not homeschool without, may be something that will hinder our homeschooling, rather than help.

In the last few years (and that’s after a major decluttering) I have enough planned topics that I have gathered resources on but have been unable to study that we have enough material for at least most of our homeschooling needs through 2011 and possibly 2012.  Next year our homeschooling budget is going to focus more on hands-on learning, going to places that are related to our areas of study and experiencing life instead of just talking about it.  We need less stuff and more life.

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