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7 September, 2010

I did it! I wasn’t sure whether I’d finish it but I did. I completed the first day of podrunner’s First day to 5k program. The program recommends three sessions a week with a day in between each session to allow your muscles to rest and recover, so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to do it again.

On the whole, I think I found it a tiny bit easier than I thought I would. That’s not to say it was easy. It’s just that I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, and I did.

I think the third quarter of the session was the worst and the hardest. I was getting quite tired and was only just half way. I kept jogging in the jogging stretches but at times my strides were very short.

Towards the end I was telling myself that I didn’t have to do all of the jogging stretches the first time, that I could skip the last one if I needed to. In my walking stretch just before the last jog, however, I was going downhill, with a nice breeze in my face that re-energised me for the home stretch.

Right at the very end – during the three min walking cool down – my knee started feeling a bit… Unhappy. It’s not sore but feeling a touch swollen.

One big advantage to using this program, over just going out for a jog or trying the interval training on my own, is that the workout is already set out by someone else. Someone else has decided how long the session would be, how long I should walk for and how long I should jog for. I have background music to encourage me to keep going, and at a good pace.

I think I’m going to be on the first week for more than one week. I still have two sessions left but at this stage I can’t see myself being able to go much harder any time soon.

I’m posting on my iPod at the moment so I can’t easily post links but I’ll get one up here, to podrunner, as soon as I can.  ETA: Link added.

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