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Running to the corner

6 September, 2010

“Running to the corner, running very fast, running to the corner and getting there at last.”

I’m doing it! After many years of procrastination I am going to start the Couch-to-5km plan. The idea is that in nine weeks, at three sessions a week you can go from being a couch potato to being able to run 5km by the end.

I know that even if I persist with the program, it’s going to take me more than nine weeks to be able to do it. I’m going to try the podrunner podcasts that I can download as they will tell me when to speed up and slow down. They also include music to keep you motivated and moving.

The reason I’ve been procrastinating for years (other than pregnancies) is lack of time to jog. Children can’t keep up with a jogging pace and we don’t have a jogging pram – not that my four would fit on a jogging pram! However, I’ve worked out a way that gives me no excuses.

In our current place (unlike our unit) we have a front yard. It looks out on a long communal driveway that isn’t used a lot during the day. If my children are playing on the front grass, I can see them from the full length of that driveway. My plan is that, on days when I won’t have the opportunity to jog alone, I can let children play in the front yard while I jog up and down the driveway.

Yes I will look silly. I’m trying to console myself with the thought that I will look sillier doing it once or twice and then giving up and staying fat than I will by jogging up and down the driveway once a week and losing weight. I also figure that if I tell everyone on my blog that I’m going to do it, then I’ll look silly if I quit for any reason other than illness or injury.

On the other days that I am not jogging, I’m hoping to add in some strength building exercises. At first I am just going to do ones that use your own body weight (like squats, push-ups, sit ups etc. If I can prove to myself and my very patient husband that I can persist with it then I might invest in some hand weights.

On rainy days I can use my exercise DVDs that build strength and flexibility. I can also use our wii fit. In a few weeks, once the cubby is constructed, I’ll be able to access our bikes again and may brave the roads on a bike. There’s no excuse to not exercise!

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  1. Alison Gerber permalink
    6 September, 2010 10:26 am

    Have you seen 200 sit ups or 100 push ups? Those programs are available on the web and give you a plan to be able to do a stack of sit ups or push ups in a row. Jono has been doing it and can now do 60+ push ups in a row, amazing!
    BTW I’m really proud of you! I might even do some exercise this week just thinking about you running around in the driveway!

    • 6 September, 2010 10:53 am

      I haven’t seen those plans. I’ll check them out. I want to be enthusiastic and go for it but at the same time I know I need to take it easy or I will burn out. I lost 11kg the year after I had Rhiannon and 10kg between Zoe and Reuben so I know I can do it!

  2. rachael permalink
    6 September, 2010 11:09 am

    Oooh, exciting, I have been thinking of doing that, but the whole running with a pram could be interesting ūüėČ

    • 6 September, 2010 11:23 am

      It works alright if the ground is flat. And your pram is a decent one, which yours is. The first pram we had wasn’t up to it and the twin pram has a too-large turning circle to jog with.

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