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Click, Clack, Front and Back

24 August, 2010

We’ve continued our study of road safety and should be done in a week or two.  I’m finding I’m using the RTA resources less and less, and my own brain more and more.  The resources were definitely helpful – they include songs by the Hooley Dooleys and story books written by popular children’s authors around the theme of road safety.  The package also gave me some guidelines about what sort of things come under road safety.

One thing that I really haven’t needed is the teacher resources booklet. I photocopied one thing out of it – the image of the pedestrian crossing signals – but that’s all.  Classroom resources just aren’t relevant (more often than not) in a home school environment.

Which brings me to our first seat belt lesson.  My children know that they must wear a seat belt.  There was no point dropping down to the possible lowest common denominator and assume that perhaps someone in your class of thirty is not made to wear a seat belt.  We discussed other times someone may need to wear a seat belt or safety harness – helicopter pilots, parachuters and bus drivers are some of the ones we came up with.

Then we went out to practice wearing our seat belts safely and demonstrating how you can sit in the car in ways that are not safe.

I’d like to see you do THAT in a classroom!

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