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Always learning – Household Management

2 August, 2010

Household management has never been a strength of mine.  A great many things have never been strengths for me.  However, home management is essential to our everyday lives and failure on my part in this area affects at least the five others who live in our home, if not more.

One thing I am learning (very very slowly) is decluttering.  Well, I’ve been reading about and practising decluttering for many years, but I’m finally getting our stuff down to a manageable (for me) level.

We’ve decluttered our children’s clothes so that they only have a small number of outfits.  Instead of washing these clothes every day, they are checked over for food or dirt or smell and re-worn if they don’t need washing.  This alone has saved me at least five loads of washing a week!

Next we decluttered our cutlery and crockery.  We’ve basically got a full set of cutlery each (knife, fork, spoon, soup spoon, splade), a glass, a mug, two plates and two bowls each.  We have a few spare knives (etc) that look different that we use for spreading sandwiches etc.  Sometimes we still end up with benches half-covered in dirty dishes but it’s very rare these days because that means we don’t have anything clean left to eat off!  It also means I can’t ignore it.

We decluttered our linen.  We kept out enough towels that we would use in a day (one each plus an extra for those who like a second towel for hair drying) plus one or two spares – because it’s on the days when everyone is bathing that the toddler dumps someone’s towel in the full bath.  We kept a face washer out per person, a few hand towels and a few bathmats.  The rest I’ve put in a vacuum space bag for safe keeping, hopefully until our current towels start getting holes in them.  We also decluttered our sheets, allowing two sets of sheets per bed (one flanelette, one light cotton) plus one set for the sofa bed.  We left out enough blankets for winter use, and packed the rest of them away.

We decluttered shoes, packing summer ones away or discarding ones that obviously wont fit come summer.  We decluttered the dreaded soft toys, with our children choosing to give some away and pack some away, leaving just a few each out to play with and to cuddle.

We were given a new TV.  The old TV had a VCR built in and although we had kept a separate VCR in the cupboard it served as a trigger to take a good look at our video collection.  We ended up getting rid of the lot, including my beloved’s collections of two TV shows he never watched anymore.

The decluttering endeavour continues.  We are cutting back beyond what I thought we could and finding that we still have plenty! So I am learning that we can live with a lot less than we think, with much less hardship than I anticipated.  I will continue to learn and grow in this area even if only because our needs will change as our family grows and changes.

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  1. Correspondent permalink
    4 August, 2010 2:02 am

    Hi Liz,
    It sounds like you’re doing a great job of decluttering your home and keeping only what you truly need. Just wanted to say we’re happy Space Bag could help you store some extra linens and free up storage space for other items. You may also like to know that Space Bag has an online community called Space Savers, which is dedicated to helping people save space and get organized. We post articles and blogs, and members can share their own organization success stories. Feel free to visit our site at and use the “contact us” form if you’d like to get in touch. Best of luck with all your future organizing efforts.
    Space Savers community correspondent

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