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Always learning – weeds in the garden

31 July, 2010

We have a lot of weeds in our garden (doesn’t everyone?) and have been spending a bit of time gardening recently.  This has lead to many discussions about what a weed is and how weeds came to be here.

We have these enormous weeds in our backyard.  They looked link dandelions, except dandelions don’t grow that tall. I discovered that they, in fact, aren’t dandelions, they are  Narrowleaf hawksbeard. We also have cat’s ear.  I’ve discovered, in my online travels, that all three are edible.  Having them in our own backyard means that we know they haven’t been sprayed with pesticides, however I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try eating them!

Reading about edible weeds sparked a little side investigation into bush tucker.  I have discovered that our local library has some books on native and wild foods which is providential since we’re going to start our veggie garden shortly.  I know I have much more to learn about gardening!

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