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Talking point – Islam

25 July, 2010

Yesterday, Zoe went to check the mail.  I didn’t get a chance to actually look at it until after our children were in bed.  In amongst the junk mail I found a brochure entitled “What Do You See?”.

This brochure is a tract for Islam.

Even though we are quite conservative by even Christian standards, I didn’t feel the need to hide this from our children.  Instead, we used this as a talking point.

I didn’t read the entire tract to them, although we looked at most of it (the bits we didn’t look at were directed at adults and something that our children weren’t going to have concepts of).  We looked at the beliefs of Islam (as stated by the brochure), how they were similar to our beliefs and where they differed.

They were quite excited to hear the list of familiar characters: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Job, Elias (which our children correctly assumed was another name for Elijah) and on to Jesus.  However, they were understandably surprised when the unfamiliar name “Muhammed” was on the list.

The key difference between Islam and Christianity centres around the person of Jesus.  We discussed how the Islamic view of Jesus differs from  our view  and what the Bible says.

Home-schoolers are often accused of isolating their children from the real world and insulating them.  While we see nothing wrong with protecting our children from some aspects of the world until they are old enough to process it adequately, we are not removing our children from the world, we are acting as a guide to their active engagement with the world.

On a personal level, I think I’m going to re-read Islam in Our Backyard, which examines our assumptions about Islam and Western culture.

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