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Where’s Wally?

24 July, 2010

Where's Wally?

Zoe, Reuben and Rhiannon (our 2-and-a-half year old daughter) have suddenly become quite enamoured with a Where’s Wally? book I’ve had since before any of them were born.  So much so, they borrowed The Great Picture Hunt and Where’s Wally Now? from the library.

So much can be learned from these books that are often disregarded as books and deemed to be the written format of “junk food”.

Looking at the fine detail in the pictures, searching for particular characters or objects develops visual acuity and visual discrimination.  It encourages patience and persistence, even when you’re sure you’ve looked over the whole page ten times before.  It encourages appreciation for the English language and the wonderful plays on words we have (especially when searching for the extra things listed in the back).  It’s encouraging Zoe to read words far more difficult than you would find in a book deemed appropriate for her reading level, and in a non-threatening way.  It’s encouraging sharing as three children pore over the pages together.

That’s plenty of learning for something they are choosing to do in their free time!

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