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The Way The Adults End Their Day

14 June, 2010

My husband and I, as a couple, have our own bedtime routine. Again there is the normal parts of the bedtime routine; locking doors, switching off lights and appliances, brushing teeth etc, but there are other parts we have included to enrich our day.

Just after we hop into bed, my husband or I will read aloud from a couple’s devotion book. It takes us anywhere from five minutes to half an hour to do, depending on the relevance of the topic, our interest in the questions and our tiredness at the time. Sometimes the topic has spoken directly to issues that are relevant at that time. Some times they have started a train of thought that has lead us to great personal growth and change. Other times they have just been an opportunity for a chat and to reconnect on a topic we wouldn’t normally bring up in everyday conversation. We manage to do this most nights, although if we are going to be particularly late, we’ll skip it.

One thing we never skip is praying together before we go to sleep. I can count on my fingers the number of times we have missed this since we got married seven years ago, and they have usually been because we’ve drifted off to sleep mid-conversation. When we are apart, we pray over the phone or via text messages. No matter how mad we are with each other, or how tired we are, we pray together. I am so glad we started this habit early in our marriage (on our honeymoon) and it is just a part of the natural rhythm of our day.

Ending our day in prayer has brought us untold blessings and strengthened our marriage in marvellous ways.

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