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Plans for 2010

27 January, 2010

Our plans for 2010 aren’t as extensive as they might have been. We’ve scaled everything back in light of the crazy year we had last year and adjusting to home-schooling with a baby. It’s easy enough to add more things in as we go.

We’re focusing on read alouds this year in all areas. Obviously this overlaps heavily into English.
We’re learning to narrate or recount/retell what we’ve heard, seen or read.
My year one student is starting spelling. My kindergarten student is doing some handwriting. We’ll incorporate some copywork for both and handwriting for my year one student soon.
We’ve been predicting what will happen next.
We will make character maps.
We’ll replicate experiences the book characters experienced.
We’ll look at different parts of language (grammar and the like).
And many more things. Too many to count.

We’re trying to use more literature in our maths program and more “real life” and “hands on” maths, including games and the like. We’ve really enjoyed this and the read aloud books have provided a nice introduction. And to my surprise, my year one student (although year two in maths) has very quickly picked up the basics of Roman Numerals in only one day :-). We’re using a text book as a back up to make sure we cover all the necessary skills. We’ll also combine our study on ordinal numbers and measurement with the Winter Olympics.

We’ve decided that for science we’re going to do one unit and do it well. In the Board of Studies Stage One (Years 1 and 2) curriculum there is a unit called “In the toybox” which we will do a big unit on for about two months towards the end of the year. We have already covered most of the rest of the Stage One curriculum in previous years, but we have an overview-type textbook that covers all the Board of Studies units, so we will review those as time allows. We will also continue with our nature journal we started in 2009.

HSIE: Our HSIE curriculum for the year will be the Australian Book Traveller unit of work from Downunder Literature. In coming years we will look at more world history and geography but for now will stick with Australian history, geography (and other social sciences).

PDHPE: Both the older kids are participating in In2Cricket (formerly Milo Have-A-Go cricket). Later in the year we will do a unit on Road Safety, using resources from the RTA. We will have plenty of other opportunities for exercise and sport through our homeschool group, our backyard, the park and national parks, as well as an after school group and Sunday school run through church. Other areas of health and personal development will be covered through everyday life (such as nutrition, hygiene etc) or have already been covered in previous years.

Arts: We had a big focus on arts in 2009 so we’re not going to do a lot in art this year. However, we will participate in art activities each week at home and will visit our local art gallery a few times. If we have time, I will include a unit on abstract art as our local library has some good resources on this and the local gallery specialises in abstract art. 2011 will hopefully allow us time for some composer studies, artist studies and dramatic studies.

Languages other than English is not a compulsory part of the primary curriculum but it is much easier for children to learn a second language than adults. Having learnt a second language also paves the way for learning a third easily and so on. In 2009 we focused on simple vocabulary with flash cards of items, colours and numbers. In 2010 we will be extending that with further flash cards as well as simple phrases that build on what we already know, such as “I like ___________”, “This is the ________” etc. Later in the year we will incorporate some Spanish songs.

This year we’re developing a Bible notebook. We’re reading through a comprehensive Bible story book and each day the children draw a picture of the story we’ve read that day, accompanied by a caption dictated by them. We’ll start with the Old Testament, have a unit on Proverbs, the go on to The New Testament. This is followed by a unit called “What We Believe” looking at catechisms and creeds, then the story of Jesus. We will also continue our weekly reading of “Big Truths For Young Hearts”.

We’ll continue attending our home school group weekly during school terms, which allows the children opportunity to complete crafts, interact with other home schooled children and participate in group activities. We’ll go on excursions – some as a family and some with a larger group.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many other things. There will be cooking and hospitality and life skills and errands and a whole host of conversations that enrich the learning of our whole family, as well as experiences that just fall into our laps (or critters that mysteriously appear in our backyard!). We are also hoping to combine with some other homeschooling families for some special days (such as a cooking day or a water study day). We’ll be flexible and hopefully have a lot of fun!

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