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It’s all God’s

19 November, 2008

I’ve written about our money not being ours, but God’s.

I’d like to explain a little about how that works.

Imagine that you work for a party-planning company. Your client has given you a budget of $1million to put on a party to remember for 1000 attendees. You have a responsibility to your client to do a good job and use the money wisely – no sense getting The Wiggles in to perform if the guest list comprises mostly of DINKS. There’s no sense in having exotic meats if it’s The Vegan Society’s Christmas Dinner. You need to use the money wisely. You have an obligation to your company to make a profit – your company will certainly take a cut of the $1million. So you need to make sure that your client is happy and the guests are happy while still saving some of that money to pay your salary and keep a commission for your company.

In the illustration, the $1million is not ours. It belongs to the client, who is giving you the money to provide a service and complete the assigned task (in this case, an expensive party). It’s the same with God. While we have the money in our bank accounts and wallets, it’s not really ours. It’s God’s money he has allocated to us. While you have an obligation to your family to provide for their needs (like the commission and salary in the illustration), the money should be used in a way that serves the purposes of the client – in this case, God.

Now, there are limitations to every illustration. Your client wont know if you spend $1000 of that money on an expensive “business lunch” when a meeting at the office with $200 of sandwich platters would have sufficed. God knows however if you waste His money. Your client is likely to be happy with the event if her guests are happy. God is not impressed by our rationalisation that “this new toy/gadget/holiday will make my family happy”, if it’s not a wise use of your money.

Jesus Himself used a similar illustration in The Parable of the Talents, although it is not specifically about money I think it can still apply. All “our” money should be spent to the glory of God.

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