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It’s Not Our Money

18 November, 2008

A few weeks ago, friends and I were talking about the current economic crisis. I mentioned this Sola Panel blog post that I had read. Specifically this section:

The troubles gripping global financial markets, national economies, superannuants and households are all-consuming (if the media is any guide). There are many in our suburb who will be acutely affected by these times, especially as the traditional Christmas bonuses evaporate and people have borrowed money to fund lifestyle in the expectation of using their bonuses to repay the debts.

I mentioned about how unwise that was – spending money that you didn’t yet have.

My friend piped up to say that they have already spent the $1000 they’ll be getting on the 8th of December, but “That’s different because it’s from the Government and so it’s guaranteed”.

I didn’t say anything at the time, but I pondered what she had said. That evening I asked my husband “Is it all that different, just because it is Government money?”. We came to the conclusion that it isn’t different – it is still spending money we don’t yet have. Although a remote possibility, our nation could go to war and the Government could announce the cancellation of these payments to fund the war. Ok, so it’s a very remote possibility but until the money is in your hand (or bank account) it’s not really yours.

But even once it hits your bank account, is it truly yours?

My husband and I had decided to just stick the $3000 we would be getting (since we have three children) into the mortgage where it would save us interest and work towards our goal of buying a house in the future. Just this week our car has needed major repairs – almost $2000 worth. There goes just over half of that money.

Then (also courtesy of the Sola Panel) I came across the initiative called Free Money for New Lives. It’s an initiative started by the students at Moore College, encouraging people to donate half of their “free money” to Anglicare, to be used “to protect the lives of unborn children, support pregnant mothers who might otherwise consider an abortion and support those who are still suffering because of a past abortion.” (From here).

This clearly illustrates to me that not only is the money not “ours” in any sense of the word until it is in our possession, it is not truly ours. It all belongs to God.

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