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I Want To Be a Yummy Mummy!

29 May, 2008

A few threads on the Simple Savings forum have hit a nerve recently.

Sad Sally is a recurring character in the monthly newsletters which you can subscribe to free (see box on the right). She spends more than she earns, is a sucker for the latest fads and claims and spends a lot of money even when she thinks she is saving money.

Happy Hanna is a thrifty person who enjoys life but does it “on the cheap”. She thinks about purchasing decisions before buying.

The Sad Sally in me wants to arrange for a colour consultation, a professional lingerie fitting and expensive lingerie and a whole new wardrobe – maybe even with a consultant to help me choose clothes that work with my body and lifestyle.

The Happy Hanna in me knows that there is no point forking out for expensive lingerie when I am currently breastfeeding. Great bras like the ones I need to look my best don’t really come in maternity/nursing bras and in the next twelve months I am likely to drop a cup size as the number of feeds per day reduces.

The Happy Hanna in me knows that I need to lose weight and really want to and there is no point buying a whole new wardrobe when I would like to lose 15kg and if I am 15kg lighter then none of those clothes will fit me!

The Happy Hanna in me knows that I really don’t look after myself well and I have some things at home I can do or use that don’t involve spending money. I can use frugal beauty treatments and use up products I already have, replacing them with the best I can afford (but no more than I need to spend) as I use them up. I know I can be better at wearing clothes and bras that fit me well and suit me better rather than whatever I find.

The Happy Hanna in me knows that the cut of a lot of my clothes do suit me but I have chosen clothes in that style from the op shop looking at fit and style and not colour.

The Happy Hanna in me knows that I should think of someone or some people I know who always dress well and ask their opinion of what colours and styles suit me, with regards to my lifestyle (no point buying corporate attire that suits me, as a SAHM).

The Happy Hanna in me knows that I can’t afford to replace my whole wardrobe or even go out and buy one piece of clothing a fortnight, but that I _can_ make an effort to make sure future purchases line up with the colours and styles that suit me.

The Happy Hanna in me knows that expensive weight loss solutions are not the answer, but that I need to adjust both sides of the energy equation – input and output. The Happy Hanna in me knows that exercise and weight loss will make me feel an awful lot better!

And no matter how many people say it doesn’t matter I still don’t want to be a frumpy mummy either!

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