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The Way We Start Our Day

17 May, 2008

The very start of our day is much like everyone else’s. We wake to one or all of the following: baby crying, alarm blaring, child calling out or child entering our room. Our first waking moments are not filled with prayer or praise. However, there are three things that we include in our morning routine that help us focus our minds on God and finding opportunities to serve Him throughout the day.

After my husband finishes his breakfast (we all eat breakfast together, but inevitably the adults finish before the kids) he reads a short devotion (one specifically designed for pre-schoolers at this point) and we discuss it. For those who don’t know, a devotion is like a thought or point to ponder, a reflection. Our devotions book includes a short scenario, some questions that we can discuss, a Bible verse and a short prayer. Each of these parts is very short so it usually takes 2-5 mins to complete.

The second, I must admit, is the one we are most likely to forget. We try to learn short passages of Scripture as a family, and this is when we practice them. Our children have been able to learn short Psalms and passages of 4-6 verses fairly easily, with repetition. They cannot always recite them in whole (they are 3 and 4 years old) but they can certainly “fill in the gaps” at any point when prompted.

The third thing we add into our morning routine is prayer. Before my husband leaves for work, we pray together. I lead this prayer at this point in time, although in the future this might change. We ask thank God for the day, pray for any issues specific to the day and ask him to keep us safe.

These three things help cement the importance of God in our children’s lives.

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