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Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Live

18 April, 2008

We have always been careful not to get into the materialistic trap of keeping up with the “Joneses” (or the Smiths or whoever you live next door to). However, I believe we were falling into the trap of depriving ourselves of too much in an effort to slay the mortgage beast.

We have come to terms with the beast and that he’s going to be hanging around for quite a bit longer. While every cent we put into our mortgage now saves us dollars down the track, if we make ourselves miserable doing it and are not enjoying our home then we defeat the purpose.

We are guilty of wishing to be elsewhere (a house with a yard we can play with the kids in, have chooks and plant veggies) instead of enjoying being here. We have done without things, have forgone replacing things in an effort to make our distant tomorrows better, and have made the present more difficult.

So we splurged.

We’re buying ourselves a new dishwasher (our old one died some weeks ago). We’re replacing the screen door to our balcony that should’ve been replaced when we moved in six and a half years ago.

And we bought a Wii.

We’re enjoying life a bit more now, and not placing such grueling demands on ourselves.

Sometimes you’ve just got to live.

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