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16 April, 2008

Presentation is everything, or so we’re told.

I’m not artistic and I don’t have a good eye for colour and I’m not good at design but I know that presenting things nicely can make a world of difference.

I like to present food nicely sometimes (and I’d like to do it more often). A simple meal presented well will make guests feel special and important, and it will likely make them feel the meal tasted better too!

Here’s a small example of presenting simple foods nicely – the morning tea rainbow.

Nice presentation makes a simple meal or snack look special

I’m hoping to expand on this further on how you can use what you already have to make things look nicer.

And later…
We all have hot spots in our home. Flat surfaces that seem to attract clutter.

Despite using it several times a day our kitchen table was a clutter magnet. There were a few things that we used regularly at the table, but their presence seemed to attract clutter.

Table before

So instead of finding somewhere else to put these items (since they would always end up back on the table anyway) I made them look more attractive. We had the bookends already – they were on the bookshelf in front of the books, not really being used.

table after

I think it looks much nicer now and doesn’t attract other clutter quite so easily.

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