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Frugalities – Grow Your Own

4 April, 2008

In a time of rising food prices, growing your own food is becoming more appealing and may soon be a necessity for many families.

I’ve just discovered a new website called GardenAte which is a guide to what vegetables and herbs to plant to give you a “kitchen garden”. You can specify which region of Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom you live in and either peruse a list of things to plant, or set up a free email reminder service. This is great for me as I can be so clueless about these things. Another great website for information on what to plant when is Eden Seeds, and they also stock seeds to sell. The Diggers Club is another great place to source top quality seeds, including heritage varieties.

Since I only have a balcony to plant on, and it receives a fair bit of shade, this article on Ten Veggies For Shade is helpful. This article on Groves by Jackie French has some great ideas on food bearing plants that are shade tolerant (scroll down to the bottom). Her article Self Sufficiency On A Balcony is also invaluable – even if you have a backyard.

Everyone should grow even the littlest bit of what they eat. Even a few herbs in a window box will help.

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