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Frugalities – Ten Time-Honoured Tips

2 April, 2008

Here are some time-honoured tips I’ve gathered over the years, that use what we already have or “rescue” things we have that would normally be thrown away.

1. Put a clean marble in the saucepan when heating milk or a milky substance. The marble will roll around the bottom of the pan as it boils, which is almost as good as stirring, and helps to stop the milk burning to the bottom of the pan. Just remember to remove the marble before you serve up your custard!
2. A little salt added to the water will keep roses fresher for longer.
3. To prevent your eyeglasses from steaming up, rub the lenses with soap then polish the soap off and they will no longer steam up. This also works for the bathroom mirror.
4. To “rescue” stale bread rolls, dip them in milk and heat them gently in the oven then butter them when they are hot and serve.
5. 1 tablespoon of golden syrup and 235ml of warm milk (makes approx 1 cup of mixture) can be used in place of an egg in cakes.
6. Lie potatoes in hot water for 15mins before baking (roasting) to improve flavour and reduce cooking time.
7. To straighten bent knitting needles, pout hot water over them. Straighten immediately then dip the needles in cold water to “set” them in position.
8. To get rid of a paint smell, put a plate covered in sliced onions in the room for 24 hours. Discard the onions.
9. To peel oranges for cooking, soak them in boiling water for five minutes first – the pith will come away easily with the skin.
10. To stop candles from dripping, soak them in salted water then let them dry out before lighting,

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